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dwergs is:

male : left-handed : student : messy : a sucker for orange : no, and not color blind : audiophile : from belgium : dutch-speaking : english-speaking : french-babbling : sometimes just plain incomprehensible : an active Spleaker : a six-letter name : not a robot : a concoction by bert and me

dwergs thinks:

>> Way too much people just visit his blog for the Virtual Bartender 2 Commands.
>> He wants to wear the Oompa Loompa costume (Candy Factory Worker) when nobody is watching.
>> The Willy Wonka costume (Candy Man Costume Large) is for pimps!
>> Oompa Loompa wigs Green Candy Factory Worker Wig will be the next hype after those ugly Ugg boots.
>> "to spleak" should enter the English dictionary
>> All Bad Mother Fuckers should own Bad Motherfucker Wallets.
>> A Grand Don't Come For Free is the first UK garage musical.
>> The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake will never beat the 1971's original!
>> This DVD will shock you!

dwergs listens to:

(man, this list is so outdated!)
t.i. - why you wanna go and do that
todd terje - eurodans
layo & bushwacka! ft. green velvet - life2live (jesse rose remix)
lindstrom - i feel space
london elektricity - remember the future (high contrast remix)
benjamin theves - texas
mandy vs booka shade - body language
hans-peter lindstrom - i feel space
sharon philips - want 2/need 2
switch - a bit patchy
tomas andersson - washing up (tiga remix)
infekto - tonight
supafly inc - let's get down
les visiteurs - snoop's acid drop
johnny dangerous >> king of clubs
charles webster >> remixed on the 24th of july
mocky >> mickey mouse motherfuckers
radio >> studio brussel
concerts >> 3voor12

dwergs saw:

(man, this list is so outdated!)
Walk The Line >> 8/10
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire >> 7/10
Robots >> 7.5/10
The Perfect Man 5.5/10
Bob the Butler >> 6.5/10
Along Came Polly >> 7/10
Lucía y el sexo >> 8/10
Sideways >> 7.5/10
Otnemem >> 9.5/10
The Man Who Knew Too Much >> 7.5/10
Rear Window >> 8.5/10
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory >> 7/10
Sin City 9/10
Collateral >> 8/10
The Manchurian Candidate >> 7.5/10
The Hudsucker Proxy >> 5.5/10
Requiem for a Dream >> 8.5/10
Zelig >> 9/10
Ray >> 9.5/10
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind >> 8/10
The Aviator >> 8.5/10
Super Size Me >> 7/10
Finding Neverland >> 8.5/10
Amélie Poulain >> 9.5/10
Alexander >> 6/10
The Bloody Olive >> 8.5/10
Lost In Translation >> 7.5/10
The Village >> 7.5/10
Fahrenheit 9/11 >> 9/10
Shrek 2 >> 8/10
The Office 1+2 >> 10/10
Troy >> 8.5/10
Runaway Jury >> 6/10
Steve + Sky >> 6.5/10
Finding Nemo >> 8/10

dwergs said:

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dwergs says: Cry Wolf

This port of the Werewolves card game (aka Killer in the Night) is SO addictive. Unfortunately for my overall productivity, you can find me a lot in The Chapel or The Pool.

"Cry Wolf the Game pits two groups of unequally informed players against one another in a discussion-centered contest of survival. Within the multi-round game, the well-meaning majority (aka "Sheep") attempt to discern and eliminate destructive covert elements within the group (aka "Wolves")."

[17:46 PM on Wednesday, August 31 of 2005]

dwergs says: The Weakest Rapper

Q: What's 4 multiplied by three?
A: 7.

Watch the Weakest Link with the likes of Xzibit, Da Brat, Young MC, etc.

[14:45 PM on Monday, August 29 of 2005]

dwergs says: Pink Cadillac 1962

Somebody snipe this auction for me please (h)

[15:16 PM on Tuesday, August 23 of 2005]

dwergs says: Vote DJ Blofeld

Go here, click DJ Blofeld (first name in the list), scroll down and look for a red circle with a yellow border. Enter your e-mail address and click My vote!.

Thanks! You just voted to add a friend of mine to the line-up of the Laundry Day festival on Sept. 3rd. And, even better, by entering you have a chance to win an iPod shuffle! Who's thanking who now? :)

[13:43 PM on Tuesday, August 23 of 2005]

dwergs says: Jose Gonzales

José Gonzales - Crosses. His album is out on Peacefrog, of all labels! But don't expect any techno here, this is accoustic emo-pop (or whatchamacallit).

[15:45 PM on Monday, August 22 of 2005]

dwergs says: Belgian women soccer team loses 50-1-paper


[15:30 PM on Monday, August 22 of 2005]

dwergs says: Do what I do when I do what I do when I do it

Can't get the lyrics out of my mind of Everybody Loves The Sunshine by the legendary Roy Ayers, one of the most amazing summer tunes ever. And apparently, Jamie Cullum covered it on the Space terrace in Ibiza. I hope it'll be featured on his new CD!

"My life my life my life in the sunshine
Eveybody loves the sunshine
Everybody loves the sunshine
Folks get down in the sunshine
Folks get brown in the sunshine

Just bees and things and flowers
Just bees and things and flowers

Feel what I feel when I feel what I feel when I feel it
In the Sunshine
Do what I do when I do what I do when I do it
In the Sunshine

[15:25 PM on Monday, August 22 of 2005]

dwergs says: James vs Jamie, part II

Hmm... Is this perhaps the connection?

Fact #1: James Blunt is managed by Elton John's company 21st Artists.
Fact #2: The following quote from The Telegraph: "I suspect the truth is that Elton loves all of this, the hurly-burly of the pop world. He still tries to buy every new release, ticking his purchases off in a handwritten bumper folder. He enthuses about new music with the excitement of a genuine fan, eager to share his discoveries (digital soul singer James Lidell and Irish band Hal are current faves)."

Conclusion: Elton John is a big fat copycat. And he wears funny glasses. Like Willy Wonka... which is cool.

[10:48 AM on Monday, August 22 of 2005]

dwergs says: Les T-Shirts

Ceci n'est pas un chien portant un t-shirt (ou quelque-chose comme ça)

[1:43 AM on Thursday, August 18 of 2005]

dwergs says: Seven pinks and seven roses

This one's for my Belgian readers only: Willy Sommers - Revamped!

[2:36 AM on Wednesday, August 17 of 2005]

dwergs says: 555-1534 : Project Mayhem HQ

I've always been sensitive to those fake 555 numbers in movies and television series. Here's what I found about them on Wikipedia:

"The phone company began encouraging the producers of television shows and movies to use the 555 prefix for fictional telephone numbers. One of the main reasons the prefix exists is to avoid accidentally using real phone numbers in movies. There are many cases of people, for various reasons, actually trying to call these numbers. Unfortunately, in cases where the prefix isn't used, people with the same numbers receive many calls from people who have seen the movies.

A perfect example of this situation is with the 2003 film Bruce Almighty. The makers of the movie opted not to use the prefix, and several people whose phone numbers matched one mentioned in the film were inundated with callers asking for "God". Another widespread example was the fiasco caused by the hit 1981 song "867-5309/Jenny", which actually is a valid number in many area codes and commonly receives calls asking for "Jenny".

The producers of the television series 24 began using the real telephone number belonging to a member of the show's production staff. The cell phone the number belongs to is answered by the show's staff whenever anyone actually calls it.

A related situation is that of the use of domain names in television programs and other popular media: some production companies register the names they use and let them sit dormant, some forget to register them and they are taken advantage of by others, and some actually put active websites there, as a paean to their avid viewers -- see http://www.whatbadgerseat.com/, used by character Lisa Simpson to do research on the Internet. When IP addresses are called for in a script, some TV shows, like 24, use numbers that are over 255 (which are not allowed in real addresses)."

In addition, the most extensive 555-LIST I could find.

[13:45 PM on Tuesday, August 16 of 2005]

dwergs says: video.belgium.be

So you wanna know where I'm from? Then watch this promovideo. Good soundtrack (you'll hear belgian artists Daan and Ultrasonic 7).

[1:03 AM on Tuesday, August 16 of 2005]

dwergs says: James vs Jamie

Uhmm... I dunno, but:

jamie lidell - multiply <-> james blunt - back to bedlam

[21:37 PM on Monday, August 15 of 2005]

dwergs says: Get a room!

Watch his "I'M-NOT-HERE" face!

[20:29 PM on Thursday, August 11 of 2005]

dwergs says: Where is Waldo?

Frankly, I don't care where that idiot is. But where are you? Pin yourself down on my guestmap, if you will!

[19:59 PM on Thursday, August 11 of 2005]

dwergs says: Hurray for Origami Part 2

A one dollar t-shirt? It exists!

[23:04 PM on Wednesday, August 10 of 2005]

dwergs says: Albamania

Cash is a lucky bastard.

[21:40 PM on Wednesday, August 10 of 2005]

dwergs says: And the Oscar goes to... Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Did you know John Cleese is actually called John Cheese? That Mel Gibson's real first name is Columcille. That Snoop Dogg's being called Calvin by his mom? And I always thought Vin Diesel was the coolest name to be born with, but the actor is actually born as Mark Vincent.

Here's a long list of celebrity nicknames/stage names:

50 Cent Curtis Jackson
Adam Ant Stuart Leslie Goddard
Adam Faith Terence Nelhams
Alice Cooper Vincent Damon Furnier
Anna Nicole Smith Vickie Lynn Hogan
Axl Rose William Bailey
Barbara Windsor Barbara-Ann Deeks
Barry Manilow Barry Alan Pinkus
Benny Hill Alfred Hawthorne Hill
Big Daddy Shirley Crabtree
Bill Wyman William Perks
Billy Idol William Broad
Billy Ocean Leslie Sabastian Charles
Bing Crosby Harry Lillis Crosby
Bob Dylan Robert Allen Zimmerman
Bono Paul Hewson
Boy George George O Dowd
Brigette Bardot Camille Javal
Buddy Holly Charles Hardin Holley
Carmen Electra Tara Patrick
Charlie Sheen Carlos Irwin Estevez
Cher Cherilyn Sarkarsian La Pierre
Cheryl Baker Rita Crudgington
Chris De Burgh Christopher Davidson
Cilla Black Priscilla White
Cliff Richard Harry Webb
David Bowie David Robert Jones
David Copperfield David Kotkin
David Essex David Albert Cook
David Jason David John White
Demi Moore Demetria Gene Guynes
Diana Ross Diane Earle
Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong
DJ Jazzy Jeff Jeffrey Townes
Elle Macpherson Eleanor Gow
Elton John Reginald Dwight
Elvis Costello Decian Mcmanus
Eminem Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Englebert Humperdinck Gerry Dorsey
Eric Clapton Eric Clapp
Frank Skinner Chris Collins
Freddie Mercury Farrokh Bulsara
Freddie Starr Freddie Powell
Gary Glitter Paul Gadd
Gary Numan Gary Webb
Gene Wilder Jerome Silberman
George Michael Georgios Panaylotou
George Orwell Eric Blair
Gloria Estefan Gloria Fajardo
Harry Houdini Erich Weiss
Hulk Hogan Terry Bollea
Janet Street Porter Janet Bull
Joe Strummer John Graham Mellor
John Cleese John Cheese
John Wayne Marion Morrison
Jordan Katie Price
Kenny Everett Maurice Cole
Lily Savage Paul O Grady
Lulu Marie Lawrie
Madonna Madonna Louise Ciccone
Marilyn Manson Brian Warner
Marilyn Monroe Norma Baker
Meatloaf Marvin Aday
Meg Ryan Margaret Hyra
Mel Gibson Columcille Gibson
Michael Barrymore Michael Parker
Michael Caine Maurice Micklewhite
Michael Crawford Michael Dumble-Smith
Moby Richard Melville Hall
Natalie Portman Natalie Hershlag
Neil Diamond Noah Kaminsky
Nicolas Cage Nicolas Coppola
Nina Ricci Maria Nielli
Nina Simone Eunice Wayman
Omar Sharif Michael Shalhoub
Ozzy Osbourne John Osbourne
Pink Alecia Moore
Prince Prince Nelson
Ralph Lauren Ralph Lipschitz
Ricky Martin Enrique Morales
Ringo Starr Richard Starkey
Robert Palmer Alan Batley
Russ Abbot Russell Roberts
Seal Sealhenry Samuel
Shakin Stevens Michael Barratt
Snoop Doggy Dogg Calvin Broadus
Spike Milligan Terence Alan
Stevie Wonder Steveland Judkins
Sting Gordon Sumner
Suggs Graham Mc Pherson
The Edge David Evans
Tiger Woods Eldrick Woods
Tina Turner Anna Bullock
Tom Cruise Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
Twiggy Lesley Hornby
Vanilla Ice Robert Van Winkle
Vic Reeves Jim Moir
Vin Diesel Mark Vincent
Whoopi Goldberg Caryn Johnson
Woody Allen Allen Konigsberg

[15:37 PM on Wednesday, August 10 of 2005]

dwergs says: DIY CD Case

Create paper CD cases out of the tracklistings you print. Hurray for Origami!

[22:37 PM on Tuesday, August 9 of 2005]

dwergs says: Extras

Here are some clips from Ricky "David Brent" Gervais' new series about actors. I bloody missed the first four episodes :(

[17:29 PM on Friday, August 5 of 2005]

dwergs says: Sin City Movie versus Comic Book Comparison

Nice job, Rodriguez. Oh, and Rolando (of Mess Patch fame) just pointed me to this and, yes, this! Looking forward to it... as long as "little Nancy" gets another part.

[17:16 PM on Friday, August 5 of 2005]

dwergs says: Ugg boots... NOT COOL!

Paul Frank is my friend and he's always right!

[15:41 PM on Friday, August 5 of 2005]

dwergs says: Treat your mother right!

First name Mister. Middle name Dot. Last name T.

Mr. T's take on yo momma jokes.

[17:14 PM on Tuesday, August 2 of 2005]

dwergs says: 'Sup nigga?!

When dawgs get bored.

[13:28 PM on Monday, August 1 of 2005]