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dwergs is:

male : left-handed : student : messy : a sucker for orange : no, and not color blind : audiophile : from belgium : dutch-speaking : english-speaking : french-babbling : sometimes just plain incomprehensible : an active Spleaker : a six-letter name : not a robot : a concoction by bert and me

dwergs thinks:

>> Way too much people just visit his blog for the Virtual Bartender 2 Commands.
>> He wants to wear the Oompa Loompa costume (Candy Factory Worker) when nobody is watching.
>> The Willy Wonka costume (Candy Man Costume Large) is for pimps!
>> Oompa Loompa wigs Green Candy Factory Worker Wig will be the next hype after those ugly Ugg boots.
>> "to spleak" should enter the English dictionary
>> All Bad Mother Fuckers should own Bad Motherfucker Wallets.
>> A Grand Don't Come For Free is the first UK garage musical.
>> The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake will never beat the 1971's original!
>> This DVD will shock you!

dwergs listens to:

(man, this list is so outdated!)
t.i. - why you wanna go and do that
todd terje - eurodans
layo & bushwacka! ft. green velvet - life2live (jesse rose remix)
lindstrom - i feel space
london elektricity - remember the future (high contrast remix)
benjamin theves - texas
mandy vs booka shade - body language
hans-peter lindstrom - i feel space
sharon philips - want 2/need 2
switch - a bit patchy
tomas andersson - washing up (tiga remix)
infekto - tonight
supafly inc - let's get down
les visiteurs - snoop's acid drop
johnny dangerous >> king of clubs
charles webster >> remixed on the 24th of july
mocky >> mickey mouse motherfuckers
radio >> studio brussel
concerts >> 3voor12

dwergs saw:

(man, this list is so outdated!)
Walk The Line >> 8/10
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire >> 7/10
Robots >> 7.5/10
The Perfect Man 5.5/10
Bob the Butler >> 6.5/10
Along Came Polly >> 7/10
Lucía y el sexo >> 8/10
Sideways >> 7.5/10
Otnemem >> 9.5/10
The Man Who Knew Too Much >> 7.5/10
Rear Window >> 8.5/10
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory >> 7/10
Sin City 9/10
Collateral >> 8/10
The Manchurian Candidate >> 7.5/10
The Hudsucker Proxy >> 5.5/10
Requiem for a Dream >> 8.5/10
Zelig >> 9/10
Ray >> 9.5/10
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind >> 8/10
The Aviator >> 8.5/10
Super Size Me >> 7/10
Finding Neverland >> 8.5/10
Amélie Poulain >> 9.5/10
Alexander >> 6/10
The Bloody Olive >> 8.5/10
Lost In Translation >> 7.5/10
The Village >> 7.5/10
Fahrenheit 9/11 >> 9/10
Shrek 2 >> 8/10
The Office 1+2 >> 10/10
Troy >> 8.5/10
Runaway Jury >> 6/10
Steve + Sky >> 6.5/10
Finding Nemo >> 8/10

dwergs said:

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dwergs says: It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

"I'm looking down the hole, your looking up at me
Your cold and tired, that is easy to see
Lower the rope to you, a bucket on the line
Your membrane will be soft and smooth, and your heart will be mine

A band called Greenskeepers was sick enough to write a song through the eyes of Silence Of The Lamb's serial killer Buffalo Bill. But I like it.

>> Watch the video.

[11:17 AM on Tuesday, May 31 of 2005]

dwergs says: Oompa Loompa Graffiti Dee

I wish this guy stenciled my front door instead :(

oompa loompa graffiti dee!

[16:37 PM on Friday, May 27 of 2005]

dwergs says: Cappuccino con Chocolate

My current addiction:

nescafé cappuccino with ovomaltine

But I forgot one step: "add hot water" ;)

[1:03 AM on Friday, May 27 of 2005]

dwergs says: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

If an old wannabe cowboy running a theme park in Belgium can be linked to Kevin Bacon, anyone can!

[0:54 AM on Friday, May 27 of 2005]

dwergs says: Secret Wall Tattoos

Always look behind mirrors and paintings and under the bed in a true "James Bond"-style when you arrive at a hotel room. No, not to discover any bug devices, but hidden underneath there could be an amazing piece of art! Secret wall tattoos are simply genius. Some of the best:

- Before | After
- Before | After
- Before | After
- Before | After (my favorite)
- Before | After
- Before | After

[1:22 AM on Wednesday, May 25 of 2005]

dwergs says: Watskeburt?! Video + MSN Display Pictures

watskeburt msn display picturesI'm about to spread the hype and post Watskeburt MSN Display Pictures over at Mess.be. ownload the Watskeburt?! video here.

[21:07 PM on Saturday, May 21 of 2005]

dwergs says: *Bang* *Bang*

Bang Bang by the Audio Bullys has been rotating as a bootleg in the underground dance circuit since November last year, but the sample has finally been cleared for release. Here's the video of this mesmerising Nancy Sinatra remix.

[11:39 AM on Friday, May 20 of 2005]

dwergs says: Brand New Heineken Commercial

Unlike the previous one with half-greek goddess Jennifer Aniston, the new Heineken Commercial features an 8-bit pixel character with an afro running and jumping through the real world. Watskebiertje?

[16:13 PM on Thursday, May 19 of 2005]

dwergs says: Hurray for dwergs.com

This blog is now ONE YEAR OLD (and three days...)

[16:06 PM on Thursday, May 19 of 2005]

dwergs says: Bavaria Bartender

And yet another Virtual Bartender/Subservient Chicken clone (click "entrevista"). This time it's for the Brazilian Bavaria beer and it features a fit brunette which understands Portugese only. Lucky for you, I have found a couple of commands already: sexo, puta, boca, amiga, bunda, mamilos, samba, dance, tease, bavaria, joga, chupa, telefone, matar and penalti.

[16:03 PM on Thursday, May 19 of 2005]

dwergs says: This is not exactly how I remind you

This happy trashcore remix of Nicklebag's überfamous hit is fan-dabi-dozi!

[15:08 PM on Tuesday, May 17 of 2005]

dwergs says: Rubber Johnny

Because the Italian printers employed by Warp Films have deemed Rubber Johnny too offensive, the release date is put back from the 23rd May 2005 to 6th June 2005 in the UK and 12th June 2005 in Europe.

The printers protested that the artwork was too indecent to subject their workers to seeing it at the mill, and they have flatly refused to print it on moral grounds. If Chris Cunningham can cause a storm in Italy during the throws of celebrating a new Pope then you know Rubber Johnny is worth the delay! As a result Warp have had to search out a more liberal-minded printing firm in England at the last minute, causing the release date to be pushed back two weeks.

>> Visit Rubber Johnny.

[14:40 PM on Tuesday, May 17 of 2005]

dwergs says: Subservient Stripper

Look! I'm just into Subservient Chicken parodies, I can't help it most of them are erotic!

>> Virtual Stripper

>> Commands: grind, dick, blowjob, pole, rub tits, tits, strip, dance, bend, jump, lick, hello, butt, masturbate, nude, money, shake, mad, hair, lips, love, cell, rock, flex, ice, fight.

UPDATE: Thanks to Timothy, here are some more Virtual Stripper keywords including the secret commands (easter sex... err, eggs): whip cream, clubexpose541, clubexpose402, clubexpose213, clubexpose124, clubexpose545, clubexpose906, clubexpose787 and clubexpose598.

[14:10 PM on Tuesday, May 17 of 2005]

dwergs says: De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Watskeburt

A Dutch rap hit-to-be. I can't it out of my head and the lyrics go a little something like this... (Don't expect to understand it, not even if you speak Dutch)

Props voor de highest rocker en de watskebuuurt
Watskebizzy bizzle rob robber
Mensen praten serieus maar ze weten van geen ene kaaaaankermoer watskeburt
Maar dr gebeurt veel serieus
Komen die vocalen nog of moet ik beginnen

Je bent een sjembek dat zeurt
Maar je weet niet watskeburt, watskeburt, watskeburt
Je bent een MC dat dropt
Maar je komt niet tot de grond, tot de grond, tot de grond
Je bent een MC met crown
Maar je weet niet wat is niau, wat is niau, wat is niau
Je bent een sjembek zonder klauw
En je bent niet 'bout it 'bout, 'bout it 'bout, 'bout it 'bout

*ok vieze freddy is aandeburt*

Vieze Freddy, alsof je dat niet wist
En ik drink tot de motherfucking fles leeg is
Heb pas doekoe als ik bierflesjes inwissel
Dan ben ik pas stang yo uhh, fo' shizzle
Je lacht maar ik maak hier geen motherfucking grappen
Plus uit mn pik je kan een lauw biertje tappen
Staat te spacen, maar ik ben niet van Star Trek
Ook geen bhustabust maar ik breek wel je nek *ehehehehehe*
Komt alleen uit m'n achterste
Moeders met dochters ze verachten me
Ben van baksteen. alsof je dat niet ruikt
Want de een is dik en de ander gebruikt
Ik ben tuig, van de eerste klasse
En je wast je handen al tijdens het plassen
Kijk me aan, je weet precies hoe laat het is
Baksteen, de rest is geschiedenis


Wat is niau kauw watskeburt in de schuur
Is bij jouw alles rustig of gezeur met de buur?
Of zijn het biertjes voor gratis of gewoon pleurisduur
En ben je baudibau of een treurig figuur
Voor alle vrouwen en chickies, van Joure tot Maastrikkie
Heb die vrouwen in m'n dickies yo we houden het jiggy
Baudibau net als een gek met al dat goud in m'n mikkie
Twee gezichten een formule als Lauda en Nikki


Watser, watser, watser, watser
Watser met jou ouwe?
Keeenker keeeenker je staat te spacen
Serieus gek wat praat je met mij man keeeeenker
Je praat maar je weet niet eens watser met jou
Je weet niet eens watser met mij maar watser met jou ouwe
Keenker keenker
mensen zijn aan de crack tegenwoordig, serieus
Ik liep laatst door het centraal
komt er een junkie naar me toe voor een euro
*euro, keeenker een euro?*
Ik zeg hier heb je twintig cent, zegt-ie nee hoef je niet
Dus ik zeg, ja ja is goed ik ken jou ik ken jou
Je komt uit Noord
- uhh ja ik kom uit Noord hoe weet je dat hoe weet je dat
Zeg ik ja ik ken je moeder ik heb m'n krantenwijk voor dr bezorgt
- Uhh m'n moeder m'n moeder? Ik heb haar al 25 jaar niet gezien
Dus ik zeg fuck jou man ik verkoop dr crack stomme slet
Kanker kanker kanker junkies op het centraal
Serieus, enigste vette plek van centraal is de fucking pizzahut
En uhh en en en en en de meeting point maar kanker die is dicht
In ieder geval centraal is een baas, vieze freddy is een baas,
baksteen is een baas, highest rocker is een baas.



[13:46 PM on Tuesday, May 17 of 2005]

dwergs says: Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo? (text version).

[10:05 AM on Tuesday, May 17 of 2005]

dwergs says: Laptop on top

Ideal Sex Position for Geeks?

[18:25 PM on Wednesday, May 11 of 2005]

dwergs says: Personal Bookmark

Blogging this for personal use: a Google search tool with date ranges. Maybe you find it useful too?

[18:20 PM on Wednesday, May 11 of 2005]

dwergs says: She's dead, wrapped in plastic

Like this guy, one day I'm definitely going on a Twin Peaks Pilgrimage.

What? You don't know Twin Peaks? It only happens to be THE BEST DAMN TV SHOW OF THE NINETIES! Yes, I heart you David Lynch.

(This is starting to look more and more like an 11 year old's blog, except for the fact that I watched PG-13 rated TV shows over ten years ago).

[13:40 PM on Tuesday, May 10 of 2005]

dwergs says: Long-haired freaky people

When I listened to Fatboy Slim's Long-haired Freaky People I didn't exactly think of Harris Pilton, but rather Richard D James and the likes...

[11:45 AM on Tuesday, May 10 of 2005]

dwergs says: Expressionless girl

Is it a cardboard? Is it a wax statue?


It's Expressionless girl!

[10:35 AM on Tuesday, May 10 of 2005]

dwergs says: Bram Stoker's Blogula

This is a cool idea, one of my favorite novels got transformed from a book into the blog format. It's Dracula 2005!

I've always enjoyed the crossover between vampire stories and present/future technology: Dracula Unleashed, Bloodnet... Ooh, sweet, bloody memories.

[10:27 AM on Tuesday, May 10 of 2005]

dwergs says: Office Ergonomics Checklist

Apparently, I should be sitting like this. All day. :|

[11:22 AM on Monday, May 9 of 2005]

dwergs says: Party Photos

I'm a serial party photographer myself, but looking at Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter's photos makes me wanna find another hobby.

[22:33 PM on Sunday, May 8 of 2005]

dwergs says: Is it really so wrong to sponge my dong with a loofah?

Dear Liquidgeneration,

The Oompa Loompas work at the Chocolate Factory, not the Candy Shop.

P.S.: Your parody songs are becoming so-so, or am I the only one that doesn't think they're funny?

tom cruise oompa loompas

[15:36 PM on Sunday, May 8 of 2005]

dwergs says: Daler Mehndi: Tunak Tunak Tun

"One is not enough! Daler and three clones want to get you on the dance floor with some infectious bhangra rhythms. He's a Punjabi Sikh with some very stylish silk threads (and, apparently, some friends in outer space)."

I got a weak spot fo bhangra...

>> Watch video (Windows Media Player, broadband).

>> Watch a dorks' parody.

[12:10 PM on Wednesday, May 4 of 2005]

dwergs says: Treasure Hunters Arrested


[12:01 PM on Wednesday, May 4 of 2005]

dwergs says: How to smuggle a bench out of Brussels

Once upon a time a couple of guys leave the Fuse club in Brussels on a night out. Out on the street, they discover an abandoned bench. The story continues here...

[22:30 PM on Monday, May 2 of 2005]

dwergs says: All the furniture is in the garage

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy looks weird, sounds weird. Cool bloke, nevertheless.

[16:36 PM on Monday, May 2 of 2005]