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dwergs is:

male : left-handed : student : messy : a sucker for orange : no, and not color blind : audiophile : from belgium : dutch-speaking : english-speaking : french-babbling : sometimes just plain incomprehensible : an active Spleaker : a six-letter name : not a robot : a concoction by bert and me

dwergs thinks:

>> Way too much people just visit his blog for the Virtual Bartender 2 Commands.
>> He wants to wear the Oompa Loompa costume (Candy Factory Worker) when nobody is watching.
>> The Willy Wonka costume (Candy Man Costume Large) is for pimps!
>> Oompa Loompa wigs Green Candy Factory Worker Wig will be the next hype after those ugly Ugg boots.
>> "to spleak" should enter the English dictionary
>> All Bad Mother Fuckers should own Bad Motherfucker Wallets.
>> A Grand Don't Come For Free is the first UK garage musical.
>> The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake will never beat the 1971's original!
>> This DVD will shock you!

dwergs listens to:

(man, this list is so outdated!)
t.i. - why you wanna go and do that
todd terje - eurodans
layo & bushwacka! ft. green velvet - life2live (jesse rose remix)
lindstrom - i feel space
london elektricity - remember the future (high contrast remix)
benjamin theves - texas
mandy vs booka shade - body language
hans-peter lindstrom - i feel space
sharon philips - want 2/need 2
switch - a bit patchy
tomas andersson - washing up (tiga remix)
infekto - tonight
supafly inc - let's get down
les visiteurs - snoop's acid drop
johnny dangerous >> king of clubs
charles webster >> remixed on the 24th of july
mocky >> mickey mouse motherfuckers
radio >> studio brussel
concerts >> 3voor12

dwergs saw:

(man, this list is so outdated!)
Walk The Line >> 8/10
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire >> 7/10
Robots >> 7.5/10
The Perfect Man 5.5/10
Bob the Butler >> 6.5/10
Along Came Polly >> 7/10
Lucía y el sexo >> 8/10
Sideways >> 7.5/10
Otnemem >> 9.5/10
The Man Who Knew Too Much >> 7.5/10
Rear Window >> 8.5/10
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory >> 7/10
Sin City 9/10
Collateral >> 8/10
The Manchurian Candidate >> 7.5/10
The Hudsucker Proxy >> 5.5/10
Requiem for a Dream >> 8.5/10
Zelig >> 9/10
Ray >> 9.5/10
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind >> 8/10
The Aviator >> 8.5/10
Super Size Me >> 7/10
Finding Neverland >> 8.5/10
Amélie Poulain >> 9.5/10
Alexander >> 6/10
The Bloody Olive >> 8.5/10
Lost In Translation >> 7.5/10
The Village >> 7.5/10
Fahrenheit 9/11 >> 9/10
Shrek 2 >> 8/10
The Office 1+2 >> 10/10
Troy >> 8.5/10
Runaway Jury >> 6/10
Steve + Sky >> 6.5/10
Finding Nemo >> 8/10

dwergs said:

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dwergs says: What's ADHD?

ADHD stands for attention deficit somethingk. Hey! I spelled something wrong. Haha. Hey look a squirrel. Wait, what am I doing here again? Omigawd my elbow itches. Wonder what's on tv? I like Jennifer Lopez. I hate kumquats. I really love urbandictionar.....where was I again?

[Definition taken from Urbandictionary]

[16:49 PM on Wednesday, November 30 of 2005]

dwergs says: Mess.be for sale!

LOL, no it's not! Got you scared there for a minute, didn't I? But it's true that once in a while I receive e-mails in the style of: "hey, i want to buy mess.be, what's your price?". For some reason, these people have the impression that I would like to get rid of Mess.be for quick cash. There's nothing less true than that! But from now on I have an answer ready: the estimated value (powered by Technorati)! Hold on to your chair :p

My blog is worth $1,498,853.70.
How much is your blog worth?

[19:27 PM on Tuesday, November 29 of 2005]

dwergs says: Your sound effects on the new Matthew Herbert album!

FYI: Matthew Herbert is the producer of Roisin 'Moloko' Murhpy's debut solo-album.

"Matthew has a new album in the pipeline. Similar to his previous offerings Matthew does not intend to steer away from his dominating, God-like use of the sampler, and the rule to which his music is created; ‘the use of sounds that already exist is not allowed’. At the !K7 office we have installed a separate phone line, the ‘Herbert Hotline’, if you will. Unfortunately there’s no-one at the other end to pick it up, just an answering machine. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to call this number and leave a message consisting of a single sound. It could be organic, vocal, mechanical, natural – even bodily. Remember you’re dealing with a man who has created music from the recording of coffee cups and sewer systems, so the more original the better. These sounds will be collected on the answering machine and past on to the grand, musical conductor himself, who will fuse the sounds together to create a grand musical cacophony that only he knows will sound like.

To add extra intrigue to this task you must under no circumstances state, or give any indication as to what the sound is. Should you believe that your contribution is worthy enough of credit and acknowledgement then you should email him (dan@k7.com), and your musical contribution will be duly noted.

So go on, give the "Herbert Hotline" a ring…..

+49 (0) 32 22 1918 394

[17:19 PM on Wednesday, November 23 of 2005]

dwergs says: Green Velvet - Flash

One of my alltime favorite techno track lyrics, from the genius Curtis A. Jones aka Green Velvet (aka Cajmere) track Flash:

"Good evening parents, tonight i'm gonna take you on a tour, Club Bad
where all the bad little kiddy's go,
to try to leave their bodies,
by various means of methods, anything necessary,
some things that you'll not quite be acustomed to,
so i think we'll equip each and everyone of you, with your own individual, camera,
so that you can take pictures of these bad little kiddy's, doin' these bad little things,
for tomorrows paper,
so whip out your fifthteen dollars and prepare to enter Club Bad

Wouldn't you know it, not here more than thirty seconds and already I see a bad little kid doin' bad little things,
he is sucking on a balloon, now, this is not an ordinary balloon, parents,
it's a balloon filled with the gas called nitrous oxide, laughing gas, he he he he, ha ha,
but this is no laughing matter,
camera's ready prepare the flash

Now overhere we have little Johnny and Miss Sue,
smokin' on a joint, this is not the thing to do,
i think that we have to take pictures of these two,
camera's ready prepare the flash

Now overhere we have some naughty naughty kids,
they brought in they're own liquor, to the party,
now we cannot have that now parents can we?
Six packs and Pipes, i think not, so,
camera's ready prepare the flash.

[16:40 PM on Wednesday, November 23 of 2005]

dwergs says: The Oompa Loompa is back!

It's been a while since I blogged here but if you've read Mess lately you'll have learned that I spent the last couple of weeks travelling the kingdom of Thailand. Whoa, what a country that is! A+++++ recommended in my book. I might tell you about my travel experiences in later posts, but I actually just wanted to blog about this crazy commercial (not gonna spoil it and tell you the advertiser).

[18:32 PM on Tuesday, November 15 of 2005]