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male : left-handed : student : messy : a sucker for orange : no, and not color blind : audiophile : from belgium : dutch-speaking : english-speaking : french-babbling : sometimes just plain incomprehensible : an active Spleaker : a six-letter name : not a robot : a concoction by bert and me

dwergs thinks:

>> Way too much people just visit his blog for the Virtual Bartender 2 Commands.
>> He wants to wear the Oompa Loompa costume (Candy Factory Worker) when nobody is watching.
>> The Willy Wonka costume (Candy Man Costume Large) is for pimps!
>> Oompa Loompa wigs Green Candy Factory Worker Wig will be the next hype after those ugly Ugg boots.
>> "to spleak" should enter the English dictionary
>> All Bad Mother Fuckers should own Bad Motherfucker Wallets.
>> A Grand Don't Come For Free is the first UK garage musical.
>> The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake will never beat the 1971's original!
>> This DVD will shock you!

dwergs listens to:

(man, this list is so outdated!)
t.i. - why you wanna go and do that
todd terje - eurodans
layo & bushwacka! ft. green velvet - life2live (jesse rose remix)
lindstrom - i feel space
london elektricity - remember the future (high contrast remix)
benjamin theves - texas
mandy vs booka shade - body language
hans-peter lindstrom - i feel space
sharon philips - want 2/need 2
switch - a bit patchy
tomas andersson - washing up (tiga remix)
infekto - tonight
supafly inc - let's get down
les visiteurs - snoop's acid drop
johnny dangerous >> king of clubs
charles webster >> remixed on the 24th of july
mocky >> mickey mouse motherfuckers
radio >> studio brussel
concerts >> 3voor12

dwergs saw:

(man, this list is so outdated!)
Walk The Line >> 8/10
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire >> 7/10
Robots >> 7.5/10
The Perfect Man 5.5/10
Bob the Butler >> 6.5/10
Along Came Polly >> 7/10
Lucía y el sexo >> 8/10
Sideways >> 7.5/10
Otnemem >> 9.5/10
The Man Who Knew Too Much >> 7.5/10
Rear Window >> 8.5/10
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory >> 7/10
Sin City 9/10
Collateral >> 8/10
The Manchurian Candidate >> 7.5/10
The Hudsucker Proxy >> 5.5/10
Requiem for a Dream >> 8.5/10
Zelig >> 9/10
Ray >> 9.5/10
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind >> 8/10
The Aviator >> 8.5/10
Super Size Me >> 7/10
Finding Neverland >> 8.5/10
Amélie Poulain >> 9.5/10
Alexander >> 6/10
The Bloody Olive >> 8.5/10
Lost In Translation >> 7.5/10
The Village >> 7.5/10
Fahrenheit 9/11 >> 9/10
Shrek 2 >> 8/10
The Office 1+2 >> 10/10
Troy >> 8.5/10
Runaway Jury >> 6/10
Steve + Sky >> 6.5/10
Finding Nemo >> 8/10

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dwergs says: Last-minute Halloween costumes

Tonight, I'll hit the streets as...

Bill Gatenstein.

I suggest you find yourself another mask.

UPDATE: More cut-out masks!

[17:51 PM on Sunday, October 31 of 2004]

dwergs says: Death In Rome

Halloween has commenced and I'm only blogging blood, monsters and murder today. This mystery game for instance, which reminds me of my old Atari ST favorites Maupiti Island and The Colonel's Bequest. I haven't solved this one yet because of the lack of time, but I'm blogging it for later personal use. And for you of course, my single, dear reader out there.

[3:25 AM on Sunday, October 31 of 2004]

dwergs says: Ho-downs, the Venga-dance and La Bamba!

Liquidgeneration has made their own little parody on Ashlee Simpson's lipsync fiasco. The Vengabus option, I think it's button number 5, is both musically as visually disturbing.

[20:29 PM on Saturday, October 30 of 2004]

dwergs says: Subliminal sound messages

What does Britney, Freddy Mercury, Eminem and Led Zeppelin have in common? They all have a third nipple.

No, actually they all put secret messages in their songs, at least according to this site. Pretty convincing proof in some cases, if you ask me.

[2:29 AM on Saturday, October 30 of 2004]

dwergs says: Google buys a couple of satellites

In a year or so, when you type in "dwergs" in Google, you will see me sitting behind my PC through my bedroom window drinking Cappucino and looking at... Well, none of your business. Not now and not ever!

[23:58 PM on Friday, October 29 of 2004]

dwergs says: Tiger Dwergs

Now watch my swing!

[16:46 PM on Friday, October 29 of 2004]

dwergs says: Sim Presidents

Just read through Sim Bush and Sim Kerry, loved the part about their new neighbours.

[18:39 PM on Thursday, October 28 of 2004]

dwergs says: N*nt*nd*!

Videogame censorship is stupider than I thought.

[18:19 PM on Thursday, October 28 of 2004]

dwergs says: iBitch 2.0... Now compatible with iSuck

End credits rule too...

[18:02 PM on Thursday, October 28 of 2004]

dwergs says: Ashlee Simpson's iPod

Genius. (The same counts for everything Triumph).

[17:31 PM on Thursday, October 28 of 2004]

dwergs says: Mosh

"Let me be the voice, and your strength, and your choice. Let me simplify the rhyme, just to amplify the noise."

Not your typical Eminem video but definitely his most impressive one.

Dubya's answer to him would probably be something like this.

[13:37 PM on Thursday, October 28 of 2004]

dwergs says: Download Fahrenheit 9/11

George W. Bush: "What an impressive crowd: the haves, and the have-mores. Some people call you the elite, I call you my base."

Mark Perkel invested $2000 in bandwidth to distribute Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 as a download from his web site two weeks before the U.S. presidential elections: download Fahrenheit 9/11 (homecamera rip).

[15:36 PM on Wednesday, October 27 of 2004]

dwergs says: Star Wars Kid in Tony Hawk Underground 2

A few weeks ago Jimmy told me about a secret performance of my all-time favorite geek Star Wars Kid in Tony Hawk Underground 2. Now, I hardly play games (not to say never) so I was glad to find this high-quality video of the whole thing.

According to that site, you can see Ghyslain in action as follows:

"On the Boston level if you ollie through the glass windows on one of the buildings (it's one or two to the left of the one where Ben Franklin is hiding) you land in a living room with a flat panel tv on the wall. If you stand in front of the TV Ghyslain gets up and shouts something about watching Star Wars (which you're now preventing). Hitting O (on the PS2) will result in him showing off his moves."

PS: If you don't know who Star Wars Kid is... spend some more time on the Internet.

[0:29 AM on Wednesday, October 27 of 2004]

dwergs says: Future Dance Producer: Marchand

Congrats to a long-time MSN buddy of mine, Maarten, for getting his progressive house track featured on the Push The Buttons compilation for unsigned artists. Have a listen to his trancy house track Marchand - Combustional. On the same album I discovered a producer called Steady Douglas, another name to keep track of if you're a summer house hit trainspotter.

Enough with the beats already. I'm in love with the up-cheering Acquired Taste by the Belgian band Absynthe Minded. What do you think?

[19:09 PM on Tuesday, October 26 of 2004]

dwergs says: She thought she'd do a hoe-down

ashley simpson saturday night live lip sync danceAshlee Simpson got owned during her Saturday Night Live performance. What irritates me most, besides her goofy -almost oompa loompa like- Riverdance, is she blames the band (mirror) for the mistake. "Career-ender", evil voices whisper.

- Watch the debacle here.

- A mirror download and the Benny Hill Remix can be found here.

- Visit LipSync.us and read 10301 open topics (and counting). This lip-syncing fraud is a HOT topic!

[17:02 PM on Monday, October 25 of 2004]

dwergs says: Li(v)e Girls

Whenever you want to hear women say "It's growing bigger... and bigger!" (about the economy).

[15:56 PM on Monday, October 25 of 2004]

dwergs says: Oompa Loompa Dompadee BOOOOOO!

A cheesy guy from Australia wants to be just like me in such an infantile way he's willing to lie to all of his blog-reading friends about the music he REALLY listens to, the movies he REALLY watched and even the sites he REALLY visited.

I only hope his girlfriend Elyse knows that he's also lieing about his sexual orientation and in fact REALLY fancies his best friend Josh.

Ok, maybe that's not true, but the real Oompa Loompas would say: DOMPADEE BOO, cheesy!

UPDATE: Apparently I shouldn't have linked to http://www.oompaloompas.tk because its bandwidth was exceeded in no time. Just copy-paste the domain name into the URL locator if you want to see what I'm on about here...

[15:01 PM on Monday, October 25 of 2004]

dwergs says: Less Bush, More Dick!

Richard Cheese's gig on October 23rd will be his last public show until George W. Bush is removed from office!


1. George W. Bush has never bought any of Dick's CDs.
2. George W. Bush has never invited Dick to play at The White House.
3. George W. Bush has never let Dick have sex with his daughters Barbara and Jenna.

Okay, that's not true, but click here for an official statement. And if you don't know who Richard "The Lounge Lizard" Cheese is, then it's about time you get introduced. List to this preview of his latest album. His covers of Outkast's HEY YA and Kelis's MILKSHAKE are outstanding!

[17:57 PM on Thursday, October 21 of 2004]

dwergs says: Music Video Copycats

Traktor's visual magic really amazed me in Basement Jaxx's Where's your head at and The Prodigy's Baby's Got A Temper videos. And sure it was still cool in Get yourself high by The Chemical Brothers. But yesterday on MTV I saw TWO very commercial videos IN A ROW where the same technique was used yet another time and in Alanis Morisette's Eight Easy Steps even so terribly bad I didn't even watch Korn's Word Up video till the end (the fact that it's yet another cover of Cameo's classic might've added to that). Seen this, done that. Time to move forward, video directors!

[19:05 PM on Wednesday, October 20 of 2004]

dwergs says: Ads that caught my attention

Two ads that caught my attention today, for totally different reasons: Hardee's Thickburger and Football Manager 2005 (banned).

[18:31 PM on Wednesday, October 20 of 2004]

dwergs says: Let's have fun with music today!

Barney is da pimp.

[18:15 PM on Wednesday, October 20 of 2004]

dwergs says: Wednesday, jazzy wednesday.

It's raining outside and so I decided to spend all day listening to jazz in the background. I'm into both classical jazz as featured on the Deelder Draait and Deelder Draait Door compilations, the excellent covers by Jamie Cullum and nu electronic jazz like Moonstarr's Dupont. Jazz... and coffee all day. What a difference a day makes?

[17:56 PM on Wednesday, October 20 of 2004]

dwergs says: I love the 80tees

How can you NOT love the eigthies with its coolest TV show tunes, like Airwolf, CHiP's, The Cosby Show and of course the king of television themes: Knight Rider. And may I add Growing Pains and Family Ties for personal nostalgia reasons? Thanks to 80stvthemes for this moment.

[12:22 PM on Wednesday, October 20 of 2004]

dwergs says: Just Letters

just lettersYes, it's other people dragging the letters!

[11:53 AM on Wednesday, October 20 of 2004]

dwergs says: Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Design Competition

It's a tough choice already, but it's going to be so much harder in the future to chose your favorite mobile phone out of probably thousands of different models.

[11:27 AM on Tuesday, October 19 of 2004]

dwergs says: My name is dwergs and I find Spleak hot!

spleak msn messengerYou might have read about an upcoming MSN Messenger plugin called Spleak on Mess today. To be honest, I know more about it than I mentioned in the news post ;) The image was kinda blurry too, so I thought I'd show my dear blog readers an exclusive peek at Spleak. That's her! Isn't she a hottie with those glasses? :p

[19:36 PM on Wednesday, October 13 of 2004]

dwergs says: My My My

Recorded in Fatboy Slim's Millionaire's Row beach house, here's bikini girls dancing on Armand Van Helden's new single. This one kicks the inspiration-less Call On Me vid's ass.

[15:04 PM on Wednesday, October 13 of 2004]

dwergs says: Needy Girl

Chromeo is the Zapp of the 21st century. With catchy electro melodies and vocodered refrains, they're bound to go mainstream anytime soon. And they're even allowing you to download their current single Needy Girl for free! Check out its crazy video (Flash) and their bio vid as well.

[16:55 PM on Tuesday, October 12 of 2004]

dwergs says: Wild Thing... I think I love you

I honestly liked Wild Things very much for its soundtrack. Oh yeah, and for the teeth-bashing at the end.

[2:08 AM on Tuesday, October 12 of 2004]

dwergs says: The Lost Vikings

This was one of my favorite puzzle games "last century" and it's coming to a Game Boy near you.

[2:01 AM on Tuesday, October 12 of 2004]

dwergs says: Don't try this on a weener!

Just what all you kitchen princes and princesses have been waiting for: convert your Frankfurters to distasteful Octodogs!

[1:53 AM on Tuesday, October 12 of 2004]

dwergs says: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Yadda yadda, I've seen his moves now and they're OK, but Usher's video should've been like this.

[1:05 AM on Tuesday, October 12 of 2004]

dwergs says: Paper, Rock, Scissors, Ice Blast!

Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero move becomes reality.

[16:14 PM on Monday, October 11 of 2004]

dwergs says: Phone gaming

I've sort of wasted most of my weekend playing Quest For Alliance on my Sagem My-X7. A curse on its developers for producing this shithot RPG!

[20:53 PM on Sunday, October 10 of 2004]

dwergs says: A message from God!

God versus Bush.

[19:11 PM on Friday, October 8 of 2004]

dwergs says: Lightning Pool


[15:23 PM on Friday, October 8 of 2004]

dwergs says: Harry Hotter

I can't wait for Harry Potter 7!

(Check out our Harry Potter names @ Mess.be)

[14:43 PM on Friday, October 8 of 2004]

dwergs says: Cursor Thief

Forgive me for finding this awesome!

[2:41 AM on Friday, October 8 of 2004]

dwergs says: Don't drink Coca Cola!

Last night in the pub I was told the story of a friend-of-a-friend who found a wallet on the street and decided to return it to its rightful owner. The owner happened to be a Middle-Eastern guy, who was so happy to have his wallet back, complete with all the money and cards, he insisted on giving the honest finder a cash reward. When the finder refused every generous offer, the Middle-eastern guy said: "Ok then, can I give you just one tip?". "Sure," the finder said.

"Don't drink any more Coca Cola".

...And I complete fell for it! Not that I immediately flushed my coke, I had been drinking beer all night anyway. But I was a total believer of this story. Foolish me! However, I didn't quite enjoy the coke I had earlier today... it tasted funny ;)

[18:22 PM on Thursday, October 7 of 2004]

dwergs says: The Perfect Draft

Will this look good in my dorm room or what!?

[16:50 PM on Tuesday, October 5 of 2004]

dwergs says: Smash up derby

Smash-up Derby is a totally kick-ass indie cover band – except that the singer thinks they're a pop band. So while the band is cranking out rockin' renditions of songs by Nirvana, Franz Ferdinand, the Sex Pistols, or Black Sabbath, the singer is belting out Madonna, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, or Pink... at the same time. Have a taste of their Talking heads versus Franz Ferdinand mashup.

[12:12 PM on Monday, October 4 of 2004]

dwergs says: Who stole the groove?

Now this is a killer combo of a good video and sexy house music.

[4:54 AM on Saturday, October 2 of 2004]

dwergs says: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and back!

The hit single "Call on me" is annoying and probably even ripped off from a Together bootleg, but you gotta love remixing workout babes.

[22:02 PM on Friday, October 1 of 2004]

dwergs says: Voldo's ass is bodacious

Actual game play in the fighting game "Soul Calibur" allow for equally freaky Voldos to dance with each other with choreographed moves and multiple costumes. No programming was done.

[17:53 PM on Friday, October 1 of 2004]

dwergs says: mess = 3938

WordCount™ is an artistic experiment in the way we use language. It presents the 86800 most frequently used English words, ranked in order of commonality. Each word is scaled to reflect its frequency relative to the words that precede and follow it, giving a visual barometer of relevance. The larger the word, the more we use it. The smaller the word, the more uncommon it is.


[15:42 PM on Friday, October 1 of 2004]

dwergs says: I'm a barbie girl, life in plastic, is it fantastic?

Obviously, the list of bad plastic surgery is longer than that of good plastic surgery. I'm shocked and don't really know what to think about this... Is she in the new Bridget Jones movie? :|

[15:13 PM on Friday, October 1 of 2004]