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dwergs is:

male : left-handed : student : messy : a sucker for orange : no, and not color blind : audiophile : from belgium : dutch-speaking : english-speaking : french-babbling : sometimes just plain incomprehensible : an active Spleaker : a six-letter name : not a robot : a concoction by bert and me

dwergs thinks:

>> Way too much people just visit his blog for the Virtual Bartender 2 Commands.
>> He wants to wear the Oompa Loompa costume (Candy Factory Worker) when nobody is watching.
>> The Willy Wonka costume (Candy Man Costume Large) is for pimps!
>> Oompa Loompa wigs Green Candy Factory Worker Wig will be the next hype after those ugly Ugg boots.
>> "to spleak" should enter the English dictionary
>> All Bad Mother Fuckers should own Bad Motherfucker Wallets.
>> A Grand Don't Come For Free is the first UK garage musical.
>> The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake will never beat the 1971's original!
>> This DVD will shock you!

dwergs listens to:

(man, this list is so outdated!)
t.i. - why you wanna go and do that
todd terje - eurodans
layo & bushwacka! ft. green velvet - life2live (jesse rose remix)
lindstrom - i feel space
london elektricity - remember the future (high contrast remix)
benjamin theves - texas
mandy vs booka shade - body language
hans-peter lindstrom - i feel space
sharon philips - want 2/need 2
switch - a bit patchy
tomas andersson - washing up (tiga remix)
infekto - tonight
supafly inc - let's get down
les visiteurs - snoop's acid drop
johnny dangerous >> king of clubs
charles webster >> remixed on the 24th of july
mocky >> mickey mouse motherfuckers
radio >> studio brussel
concerts >> 3voor12

dwergs saw:

(man, this list is so outdated!)
Walk The Line >> 8/10
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire >> 7/10
Robots >> 7.5/10
The Perfect Man 5.5/10
Bob the Butler >> 6.5/10
Along Came Polly >> 7/10
Lucía y el sexo >> 8/10
Sideways >> 7.5/10
Otnemem >> 9.5/10
The Man Who Knew Too Much >> 7.5/10
Rear Window >> 8.5/10
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory >> 7/10
Sin City 9/10
Collateral >> 8/10
The Manchurian Candidate >> 7.5/10
The Hudsucker Proxy >> 5.5/10
Requiem for a Dream >> 8.5/10
Zelig >> 9/10
Ray >> 9.5/10
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind >> 8/10
The Aviator >> 8.5/10
Super Size Me >> 7/10
Finding Neverland >> 8.5/10
Amélie Poulain >> 9.5/10
Alexander >> 6/10
The Bloody Olive >> 8.5/10
Lost In Translation >> 7.5/10
The Village >> 7.5/10
Fahrenheit 9/11 >> 9/10
Shrek 2 >> 8/10
The Office 1+2 >> 10/10
Troy >> 8.5/10
Runaway Jury >> 6/10
Steve + Sky >> 6.5/10
Finding Nemo >> 8/10

dwergs said:

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dwergs says: Hey, is that Megaman on your leg?

RESPECT! Not for this guy, but for his wife supporting him to execute his completely wacky idea for a tattoo.

[11:45 AM on Friday, January 20 of 2006]

dwergs says: Windows Live Messenger BETA Invitations

Interested in testing the private BETA-version of Windows Live Messenger? Here are two exclusive invitations for the first who clicks them:



[17:56 PM on Wednesday, January 18 of 2006]

dwergs says: Young Lovers

Was notified of this by Luke, who gave away a t-shirt as a competition prize on Mess.be a while ago: Young Lovers is a new independent street fashion label with twisted inspirations and indie spirit.

Inspired by late night TV movies, cartoon vampires, and a steady diet of microwave burritos, Young Lovers has launched very recently on its maiden journey into the wide world web.

Check it out at www.younglovers.com.au.

(All of their garments are now made from the softest, lightweight, ringspun cotton and feature special soft ink processes and flock detailing.)

[16:54 PM on Wednesday, January 18 of 2006]

dwergs says: Song Tapper

:o! It guessed every classic I tapped into it!

[14:58 PM on Wednesday, January 18 of 2006]

dwergs says: MS Paint sucks!

Not if your name is Diamonster.

[14:43 PM on Wednesday, January 18 of 2006]

dwergs says: My Robot Friend

my robot friendIf I was to hand out a monthly "WTF?!-Award", the first of the year would definitely go to My Robot Friend.

Looking like a Thai temple meets Daft Punk, he (or should I say "it") does things with his hot, illuminated robot skin (especially designed for love making), Blondie songs and giant industrial fans. Random quote: "I don't work with any people [..] all I work with are other machines". When he's not on his mission for "total robot world domination", he's most probably making love.

Wondering what the hell I'm talking about? Then get to know My Robot Friend better through this video (available in Windows/Real media). I'll be able to check out his show LIVE in two weeks from now... I'll let you know if it was as crazy as it looks.

>> Visit My Robot Friend's homepage.

>> Make sure you check out this video.

PS: Did I mention he enjoys love making?

[13:24 PM on Tuesday, January 17 of 2006]

dwergs says: Victoria's Secret 2005 Fashion Show, all about the music.

What's wrong with the male Internet population out there? More than Tyra, Heidi or Giselle -the gorgeous "angels" who walked the Victoria's Secret 2005 Show- hot topic of online discussion was the show's soundtrack! Admittedly, I was crazy about the Audio Bully's Bang Bang (He Shot Me Down) mashup with Henry Mancini's Lujon myself. How about that, dj fistfunk made an attempt to recreate the version specially made for the show. And here's the full soundtrack (via Adtunes).

Chris Botti - "Embraceable You" (opening performance)
U.S. Army Field Band & Soldier's Chorus - "Carol of the Bells" mixed with Trans-Siberian Orchestra - "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)" (backstage intro)
Bodyrockers - "I Like the Way" mixed with an excerpt from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Ballet, "Dance of the Cygnets," by Andre Previn (first catwalk)
Audio Bullys - "Shot You Down" mixed with Henry Mancini - "Lujon" (second catwalk)
Mylo - "Drop The Pressure" (backstage tour with Giselle Bundchen)
Seal - "Love's Divine" (third catwalk)
Seal - "Crazy" (third catwalk)
Snoop Dogg/Pharrell - "Drop It Like It's Hot", mixed with Paul Mauriat - "Plaine, ma plaine" (fourth catwalk)
Aaron Carter - "I Want Candy" (fifth catwalk)
Rhianna - "Pon de Replay" (fifth catwalk)
Mylo - "Drop The Pressure" (tribute to Tyra Banks)
Ricky Martin - "Drop It On Me" (performance)
Teairra Mari - "La La" (sixth catwalk)
Basement Jaxx - "Good Luck" (sixth catwalk)
Jet - "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" (sixth catwalk)
Bodyrockers - "I Like the Way" (final catwalk)
Aaron Carter - "I Want Candy" (final Catwalk)
"Carol of the Bells" (commercial breaks).

Now enough about music! Back to lingerie: here's some eyecandy and drool material.

[17:45 PM on Thursday, January 12 of 2006]

dwergs says: Dear Future Me

Remember that time capsule tin you burried when you were a kid? Well, maybe you never did that sort of thing, but here's something somewhat similar: it allows you to send e-mails to yourself in the future. Like, "Don't forget about Sammy Jankis" (hi, Memento fans out there!) or "Now what did I tell you, you shouldn't have married her in the first place!". Send that last one out in 2020 or so.

(Whether you'll still be using that l33t e-mail address of yours is not the question)

[12:20 PM on Thursday, January 12 of 2006]

dwergs says: Crash! Boom!

Been there, haven't done all of that, next time will.

PS: Seem to love exclamation marks in post subjects today.

[21:57 PM on Tuesday, January 10 of 2006]

dwergs says: Extra Tasty!

What to do with half-empty vodka bottles and other NYE party leftovers? Sign up at Extra Tasty and see what it comes up with for your unique collection of ingredients.

[14:10 PM on Tuesday, January 10 of 2006]

dwergs says: I want candy!

Another stereotype affirmed. Kids, the net is full of perverts!

[13:07 PM on Tuesday, January 10 of 2006]

dwergs says: Beyond jazz

Just discovered Beyondjazz.net, a Belgium-based future jazz community with a terrific weekly radio broadcast/podcast. Now this is the music I want to hear in lounge bars and restaurants, not that annoying and soul-less elevator music or the St. Germain albums for the 4812th time.

It's good to see it's not all gone Gilles Peterson!

[12:44 PM on Tuesday, January 10 of 2006]

dwergs says: Look! Google Talk Buddy Icons!

No IM without avatars! Google delivers. Early preview screenshots here.

[12:33 PM on Tuesday, January 10 of 2006]

dwergs says: Casino Royale

Hi readers! Before I forget: a happy new year to y'all!

Christmas and New Year festivities have kept me from blogging, but sickness and nasty cold weather have brought me back here.

My first post of 2006 is to honor my all-time favorite director Quentin Tarantino. Did he invent the new Bond movie? With that title, he must have! Hmm, I wonder how they'll call it in Paris.

[11:17 AM on Tuesday, January 10 of 2006]